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Once an hour while I’m working, I take a ten minute break, which is pretty important in software development, because it prevents your mind from becoming too frazzled. The other day, I had an idea for a Lovecraftian story, and in those ten-minute breaks, I had eventually ended up with a complete short story: The Rain In the Silence.

It mostly takes inspiration from Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu, of course, but there’s also some inspiration from the creepypasta Gateway of the Mind, the Slender Man, and Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown. It also ties in to my previous Lovecraftian story, The Secret Worshipers.

I do intend to continue the Journal Entries of the Miskatonic Defector series, but those stories take a lot of concentration, so it’s difficult to put aside a decent amount of time to write them.

I’ve written a new story: Journal Entries of the Miskatonic Defector: The Secret Worshipers.  I’ve been reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft lately, and thought I’d have a go at writing a story in the Lovecraft mythos.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start a “Journal Entries of the Miskatonic Defector” series.

I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for reading!

My newest story, and first written in quite some time, Beyond the Finite, is now posted on the following page (listed under the Misc tab):

Beyond the Finite

Of my own works, I would rank it as second best (the best, of course, still being The Redemption of Laitres, even years later).

A few other, minor things:  I’m currently in a stage of life where I have more free time than I did before (due to a career change), and it’s possible that I may start writing more often (especially considering my newfound love of H.P. Lovecraft).  I’ve also thought of rewriting Shallice and Morband because my writing style and taste has changed considerably since I wrote it, and there are a handful of things that, in retrospect, I don’t like very much.  But that’s a big project; I may just leave it as it is.  I may also reorganize the layout of this website, as well.

This page has never been forgotten, even if it hasn’t been updated in quite some time.  It’s been forever in the back of my mind, and, even if nobody’s reading it, I like knowing that what few stories I’ve written are available to the public.

I’ve thought of a few new story ideas, but I haven’t had the energy to put them on paper (writing fiction takes a lot of patience– it’s actually easier to write nonfiction).

Daily Calvin, though, is, for the moment, defunct.  Has been for some time.  That being said, I may bring it back at some point in the future, if I have friends that are interested in it.

Right now, I plan to start another subblog for funny pictures.  There’s already thousands of such websites, I know, so I’m not really catering to anybody except myself.  I just thought I’d enjoy doing it, so I’m going to start it up.  Right now I’m waiting for GoDaddy to finish installing the WordPress application.  More details once it’s up.

Oh, and FYI, I pretty much ignore comments.  Even with Captcha, they’re almost entirely spambots.

Inspired by (great site) and (which is great, but has a very small selection), I created a new blog hosted on this server called Daily Calvin.  It’s technically not a “blog,” though, just in a blog format.  Starting July 15, every day it will have new sections from John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion.  I was originally just going to have it for myself, but I thought I’d share it with anybody that might be interested.

So, if you’re interested, take a look.

I came across a pretty neat site called Web Fiction Guide that is essentially a listing of a lot of online works, that includes a lot of interesting stuff.  It has short stories, novels, and serials.  Among those listed is a book by Cory Doctorow, who wrote the great Creative Commons book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, which I really enjoyed.  I’ve started looking through these listings and found some stuff that I’m definitely interested in reading.

I submitted Shallice and Morband to their listings, and I thought I’d return the favor and give them a shout-out.  It’s definitely a great site and worth looking over.

As a side note, Shallice and Morband has also been available in the Amazon Kindle Store for a little while now.  That being said, my preferred format is this site, partly because it’s free, unlike Amazon.  (Amazon’s lowest price option was $0.99, but I bumped it to $1 because I like round numbers in prices.)  But if you really like the Kindle format, you can get it there.

I’ve made some more changes to the website design.  It’s now 100% WordPress.  Thanks goes to my friend, Adam, who did the vast majority of the work quite some time ago. now redirects to  The changes should be self-explanatory; it should be pretty easy to navigate around here.  I also made a minor content change in Shallice and Morband, and some minor cosmetic changes.  For example, the text is now a bit bigger, the background image is green, and the logo is in the upper-left corner, like it was on the original site.

These changes will make the site a little easier on the eyes, and will make it significantly easier for me to create new pages.  Not that anyone other than me would care about the latter.

I’ve been mulling over some possible new Elian stories that I might get around to writing eventually (I publish on a “whenever I feel like it” basis).  In the meantime, I want to repost The Redemption of Laitres, because it’s my favorite story that I’ve written.

Update:  Also, I’m going to start allowing comments (pending moderation) as a test run, just to see how it goes.

One more update:  I’m going to try some advertisements, see how that works out.  If it becomes a problem, I won’t be slow to remove them.

Several, several months ago, maybe even over a year ago, a friend of mine did me a favor and installed WordPress to my GoDaddy website.  Then it kind of sat there, unused, for a long time, but I’m now planning on re-establishing it.  I still plan on the main page to be, but I’m planning on using this page,, as a site for updates.  Not so much because I have a strong desire to use WordPress as much as I really want to have an RSS feed available for updates.  So that means that this WordPress site will only link to the main site, not have any actual content.

(At least at the moment.  As I learn more about how to use WordPress, that may change.)

That being said, there have actually already been three new stories posted since the last WordPress entry:
The Redemption of Laitres
The Disbanding of the Wizard’s Guild
The Origin of the Vampyre

These three had an update on the main page already that I will move here (and backdate).

And, finally… When I logged into WordPress, I found that there were several comments awaiting moderation.  My apologies to the posters; I honestly had no idea that they were even there.  In fact, I didn’t know that anybody other than my friends and family even knew that this page existed.  I’m really not a web guy and WordPress is a little intimidating to me (which is why the main page has the most basic form of HTML that there is).  So it just didn’t occur to me that there would be comments awaiting moderation.

When I finish the site redesign, though, I’m planning on disabling comments altogether (starting with this post).  No offense intended towards the posters (they were mostly very nice comments, though some seemed to be computer-generated spam); it’s just the way I want the site to work.  I would have done that from the beginning if I had gotten my act together and customized the blog when it was first installed.  :\  This isn’t really intended to be a community site; it’s just a place where I post my short stories for anybody to see.  I’m afraid I just don’t have the time or the energy to moderate comments.

(Some of the comments were asking permission to link to my site, and the answer is yes, that is perfectly fine.)

So, I don’t have any new stories right now (but I have some ideas), but I am going to start using this blog as an update site so that an RSS feed will be available.