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I’ve started working on a single world that can serve as a background for a number of stories. So far I’ve written three stories in the new Continent Elian series.

The Redemption of Laitres
A man that has been rejected by his society wanders into a small village, not knowing what to expect, and hoping that he may renew his life.

The Disbanding of the Wizard’s Guild
A new power is discovered, but there are unexpected consequences as one elf seeks control over all who would wield it.

The Origin of the Vampyre
One man’s magical experiments give him an incredible power, and he begins a new religion wherein he is worshipped as a god.

(You know, I think I really hate writing synopses.)

This is it… This is the main reason I created this website. I spent about two years writing this in my free time, and now I’m finally distributing it online.
(There is some violence, so this isn’t especially family-friendly)

Shallice and Morband
A prince of the land of Dhelian begins his first ambassadorial duty, and he learns that there is far more to the foreign lands than he expected.

The Hallway
While living in a society that is content with their immediate surroundings, one man believes that there must be more to the world than the hallway in which he lives.

The Lunatic
A man is locked in a post-apocalyptic asylum because he claims to be “hearing sounds.”