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About The Books of Shallice

Welcome to The Books of Shallice. My name is Andrew Norman, and I created this website to share my hobby of writing fiction (mostly short stories, but there's one short novel here, too). I prefer using my own website over something like DeviantArt, but I do sometimes use DeviantArt for first drafts, as well.

I am a software developer by trade (I'm best at backend webserver stuff, but I work as near-full-stack), and my "professional" website (whatever that is) is

Feel free to browse around, either the blog or the categories above. There are no ads and nothing to track you here, and this site contains no JavaScript to slow you down.

Every story on this site is entirely free under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (except Shallice and Morband which is under a Noncommercial license-- Look at the frontpage for that story for details). Feel free to read them on any device, share them, convert them to a different file format, print them, etc.

Only one stipulation: You must give credit where credit is due. In other words, you can't claim that anyone other than myself wrote them, and if you share them (which is encouraged), you need to keep my authorship information attached to them.

I won't go on about exactly the reasons why, but this is the license that I prefer. Cory Doctorow has given good explanations of the benefits of using Creative Commons licenses numerous times. Even though I disagree with Mr. Doctorow on a good many issues, this is one subject on which he and I agree.