The Books of Shallice

More site updates


I've made some more changes to the website design. It's now 100% WordPress. Thanks goes to my friend, Adam, who did the vast majority of the work quite some time ago. now redirects to The changes should be self-explanatory; it should be pretty easy to navigate around here. I also made a minor content change in Shallice and Morband, and some minor cosmetic changes. For example, the text is now a bit bigger, the background image is green, and the logo is in the upper-left corner, like it was on the original site.

These changes will make the site a little easier on the eyes, and will make it significantly easier for me to create new pages. Not that anyone other than me would care about the latter.

I've been mulling over some possible new Elian stories that I might get around to writing eventually (I publish on a "whenever I feel like it" basis). In the meantime, I want to repost The Redemption of Laitres, because it's my favorite story that I've written.

Update: Also, I'm going to start allowing comments (pending moderation) as a test run, just to see how it goes.

One more update: I'm going to try some advertisements, see how that works out. If it becomes a problem, I won't be slow to remove them.