The Books of Shallice

Some updates regarding this site.


This page has never been forgotten, even if it hasn't been updated in quite some time. It's been forever in the back of my mind, and, even if nobody's reading it, I like knowing that what few stories I've written are available to the public.

I've thought of a few new story ideas, but I haven't had the energy to put them on paper (writing fiction takes a lot of patience-- it's actually easier to write nonfiction).

Daily Calvin, though, is, for the moment, defunct. Has been for some time. That being said, I may bring it back at some point in the future, if I have friends that are interested in it.

Right now, I plan to start another subblog for funny pictures. There's already thousands of such websites, I know, so I'm not really catering to anybody except myself. I just thought I'd enjoy doing it, so I'm going to start it up. Right now I'm waiting for GoDaddy to finish installing the WordPress application. More details once it's up.

Oh, and FYI, I pretty much ignore comments. Even with Captcha, they're almost entirely spambots.