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Web Fiction Guide


I came across a pretty neat site called Web Fiction Guide that is essentially a listing of a lot of online works, that includes a lot of interesting stuff. It has short stories, novels, and serials. Among those listed is a book by Cory Doctorow, who wrote the great Creative Commons book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, which I really enjoyed. I've started looking through these listings and found some stuff that I'm definitely interested in reading.

I submitted Shallice and Morband to their listings, and I thought I'd return the favor and give them a shout-out. It's definitely a great site and worth looking over.

As a side note, Shallice and Morband has also been available in the Amazon Kindle Store for a little while now. That being said, my preferred format is this site, partly because it's free, unlike Amazon. (Amazon's lowest price option was $0.99, but I bumped it to $1 because I like round numbers in prices.) But if you really like the Kindle format, you can get it there.