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Shallice and Morband


Andrew Norman
Shallice And Morband Cover Art

Shallice and Morband is a near-full-size novel, and it is the original reason this website was created. It can be read in three forms-- A complete PDF, a complete HTML file, and a Kindle ebook (which is not gratis-style free, unfortunately), and in individual chapters on this website. All of these options are listed below.

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Shallice and Morband (pdf)
Shallice and Morband (html)
Shallice and Morband (Amazon Kindle Store-- Not free!)

(If you're not interested in the license, you can skip this part.) The license listed in the documents are the "NonCommercial" version of the Creative Commons license, which conflicts with the information in the footer. In the near-ish future, I'd like to do research to figure out if there are any legal problems with changing the license to loosen the restrictions to match the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, but, for the moment, you have my word that I will not take legal action against you should you decide to use this for a commercial purpose (e.g., printing, binding, and selling it), so long as you do follow the restrictions laid out in 4.0 license.