The Books of Shallice

New Story: Beyond the Finite


My newest story, and first written in quite some time, Beyond the Finite, is now posted on the following page (listed under the Misc tab):

Beyond the Finite

Of my own works, I would rank it as second best (the best, of course, still being The Redemption of Laitres, even years later).

A few other, minor things: I'm currently in a stage of life where I have more free time than I did before (due to a career change), and it's possible that I may start writing more often (especially considering my newfound love of H.P. Lovecraft). I've also thought of rewriting Shallice and Morband because my writing style and taste has changed considerably since I wrote it, and there are a handful of things that, in retrospect, I don't like very much. But that's a big project; I may just leave it as it is. I may also reorganize the layout of this website, as well.